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The Mistress - Chapter One:Discovery's Aftermath 
2nd-Jun-2013 11:16 pm
Title:The Mistress
Summary:In a love triangle,the mistress is always the shameless whore who tries to steal someone elses man.The mistress will always be the shunned one,the dirty castaway who might have in fact turned into a victim of prejudice...just like Hankyung.He made the mistake of allowing himself to be trapped in the cage of lies Siwon has created the moment he stepped into his life.And when the once solid cage slowly starts to fall apart,Hankyung finds himself standing in nothing but darkness...vulnerable and broken.His step brother tries his very best to keep Hankyung whole,but when the vestiges of the past start to haunt him...Jaejoong was suddenly in need of some help himself.

Chapter One:Discovery's Aftermath
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