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Bound To Bleed : Prologue - Chapter Thirteen 
20th-Jan-2013 01:37 pm

Title:Bound To Bleed (ongoing)
Pairing(s):SiHan,TopRi,DooSeob,SeulWoon,Side!YunJae,YooSu,2HJ,MiKaram (more to come)
Genre:AU,Supernatural,Vampire,Arranged Marriage,Angst,Drama,Romance,Fluff
Summary:The Jung Clan and the Park Clan have been allies for a thousands of years,maintaining their strength with each other's help.When Jung Yunho and Park Yoochun were crowned,the bond between the two most powerful vampire clans has been renewed once again and a deep friendship connected the two Kings as well as their Queen consorts Jung Jaejoong and Park Junsu.But jealousy and foolish acts of the Crown Princes of the two kingdoms threatened to tear the bond which ensured safety and peace.

Prologue // Chapter One:Smile Beautifully Again // Chapter Two:I'm Home // Chapter Three:Dark Night Sky [R] // Chapter Four:How His Heart Hurt [R] // Chapter Five:Anger And Pain // Chapter Six:Saddening // Chapter Seven:I Will Support You // Chapter Eight:Naked? // Chapter Nine:To Wait [R] // Chapter Ten:Don't Do This To Me [R] // Chapter Eleven:Whether He Liked It Or Not [R] // Chapter Twelve:Troublesome Younger Brothers // Chapter Thirteen:Kibum

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